Karan Johar Admits He Is Guilty of Nepotism

The filmmaker Karan Johar loves to be in the media 365 days a year, may be for whatever reason. Yes, this time too he is the most talked person all over the world because of nepotism. The topic Nepotism relates to him more than anyone else and these days the news has become viral ever since Kangana Ranaut opened up on the same by saying Karan Johar “the flag bearer of nepotism” is from Bollywood.

Karan Johar admitted he is guilty of nepotism and he openly talked about the matter in an event held in London. He also mentioned –“I am done with the topic, this was long back. Kangana is dragging the topic again and again and I cannot be the victim at every given point of time.”

karnan johar with kangana

In the year 2014, Karan attended a show popularly named as The Front Row, hosted by Anupama Chopra where he had informed about nepotism. In his statement, he mentioned – “I picked up a chubby girl and I felt something.She was Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter.He referred to Alia Bhatt who is a superstar in Bollywood as of today.”He also added –“David Dhawan’s son, Varun used to come to my set as an assistant director and we used to spend time together thus I discovered he can be a movie star.

The most interesting fact he shared was there are too many factors in this country that determine movie stardom and he thinks true talent is the least of them. It is very sad and truly tragic. This is where he committed the mistake and the same video went viral, causing hell lot of problems for himself.

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