Banned Commercials Featuring Bollywood Beauties

It’s 2017, and we all know that there’s nothing new about banning ads, which display any kind of sexual innuendos and double meanings (especially in India). Before starting out their careers, most of the actresses/models had to make an impression to the Indian public, leading them to take drastic steps like acting in really silly ads that sexualise their beauty so that they can appeal to the audience.

  1. Sana Khan

That Amul Macho ad by a company named JG hosiery in 2007, where a deceivingly beautiful wife (Sana Khan) washes her husband’s ‘toing’ underwear in front of her adversaries, describing the wild and sexual relationship she has with him, ending with the tagline ‘crafted for fantasies’, offended a lot of people because obviously that would have made Indian men want to buy those briefs (because sex sells).

Not surprisingly, the ad was banned as it was aired between TV shows and immediately made Sana Khan famous too.

  1. Bipasha Basu

The dark and dusky beauty had begun turning heads since ‘Jism’, but a New York Lottery ad featuring Bipasha Basu in 2010 might have you asking, “How can that be offensive?”



To break down the ad in words, it was about a NY taxi cab driver(Vivek Oberoi) dreaming of a smoking hot (she definitely is) princess being bathed half naked by the maids of her palace as the prince (Vivek Oberoi) makes his way to her palace and asks the king for the princess’ hand in marriage. And as the reverie ends and he finds himself in the middle of NY traffic.

And for some reason no one was offended by an American ad that stereotyped Indians as taxi cab drivers let alone being offended by a few seconds of screen time of Bipasha Basu’s naked back.

Of course, the ad garnered Bipasha Basu a lot of attention for describing that a woman of her complexion to be as sexually appealing as entertainment industries stereotypically promotes fairer women.

  1.  Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan in happier times during the ‘90s did an ad for Mr Coffee, which was supposed to be sensuous as it involved the chemistry of the real couple in order to create a sexual fantasy with a tagline, “Real pleasure can’t come in an instant”. It couldn’t have been more subtle in hinting erotism as Indians were not ready for such an ad at that point of time. The ad was taken down.

  1. Madhu Sapre

Milind Soman’s most controversial ad, being a model, was an ad for Tuffs shoes, which featured him with his ex-girlfriend Madhu Sapre. The ad featured the two standing close to each other, wearing no clothes, with only a python around them, which infuriated a lot of people. This ad had been banned.

  1. Pooja Bedi

In 1991, Kamasutra condoms ad had Marc Robinson and Pooja Bedi. As the lady bathed in an exaggerated ‘90s style of pleasure over her body, her husband joins her in the bathtub as the exaggerated steamy session becomes steamier, which seemed pretty long for a minute sequence. The ad was found offensive by many sections of the society and it was finally prohibited from being telecasted on the small screen, as Pooja shot to fame with the controversy.

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