Aami Director Kamal Whips out at Vidya Balan for Leaving the Project Abruptly

It is known that Vidya Balan is no more a part of the Aami project.  This is based on the auto-biography of the famous Malayalam writer and poet Kamala Surayya.

The power house actress Vidya Balan, as per the sources, has apparently quit the project citing imaginative differences with the director, Kamal. The sudden departure of Vidya Balan from the project has left the director Kamal miffed.

A leading daily has reported him saying, “Unprofessional and unethical. What else can I say about her backing out of the project after all preparations for the shooting had been done, without even citing a clear reason?”



Kamal is still not clear of the real reason behind her backing out.  Vidya has informed him very abruptly via the text just a week before the movie began its shooting at Ottappalam.

Kamal also doubts that the story of the poet and writer Kamala, who changed to Islam during the last few years of her life, was possibly too provocative for Vidya to knob.


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